Benefits tailored for
employees' needs?

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BudgetBee is a modern HR app, supporting employee benefits management, which guarantees perfectly tailored benefits.

Thanks to the whip-rounds organised in BudgetBee, together you will be able to plan initiatives within the company . As well as tailor the benefits to the expectations of each employee. #BeeReady?

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Employer tops-up virtual wallets of employees


Employee organises a whip-round and other employees can join


Co-workers can transfer funds to reach a common goal


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Dreamed benefits will soon be available in your company


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Why is BudgetBee worth choosing?

Personalisation of benefits and flexible benefit management

Mismatched benefits are all in the past. Thanks to BudgetBee, each employee can suggest benefits, as well as manage the transfered funds i.e. for trainings or charity.

Image of an involved and open employer

Due to the realisation of team whip-rounds and planning individual benefits, we learn about your company's needs and can manage your budget more efficiently.

Employee's wellbeing, higher comfort of work and motivation in the team

BudgetBee impacts the company's organisational culture, increases the comfort of work, provides a feeling of beeing appreciated and recognised. With us, you will take good care of the wellbeing, loyalty and motivation of your employees.

Intuitive use without interference

BudgetBee is easy to use, does not require implemenation or additional integration. After granting access, it's ready use.

Automation and comfortable transfer of funds

Depending on your needs and expectations, the system can top-up your employees' wallets periodically based on previously set amount.

Time saver and budget transparency

The app allows to easily manage employee benefits and plan expences. From now on, you can forget about burdensome update of Excel charts.


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